How to Market Your Event Online During & After The Event

Be Social During the Event. Your smartphone is your best friend during an event. Take pictures, tweet quotes, live stream impromptu interviews between sessions, and interact with your attendees who will all be doing the same. Encourage attendees to be social at the event by providing Twitter and Instagram handles for all vendors and speakers on a cheat sheet or in your event app. Follow your hashtag and like, retweet, or share user-generated content to increase buzz. Attendees will keep posting if they get a lot of engagement on their posts.

How to Leverage Your Network To Market Your Event Online

Promote Your Speakers. Your speakers are a huge part of your event, and their names and stories will sell tickets. Interview them on your podcast, allow them to guest post on the site, or create a round-up post featuring all of your speakers’ opinions on a topic. For example, have each speaker submit the title of the book he or she would recommend to people in your industry with a quote about why it’s the best. Then compile the recommendations into a post entitled # [Event Industry] Books You Have to Read or [Event Name] Reading List. Be sure to link to your speakers’ websites and/or social media. Your speakers get exposure; your readers get pumped; you get sales. Win-Win-Win!!!

How to Use Social Media to Market Your Event Online

Target More than Just Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook and Twitter are great assets for your online marketing plan, but they aren’t the only players in the game anymore. Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and live streaming sites like Periscope and Blab provide active communities with less competition. Optimising your content so that it can be shared across multiple social media networks means you’ll reach more people. In addition to making sure your content translates well across mediums, tailor your approach to each site’s strengths in order to maximise your return.

What Is The Secret To Getting People To Your Event? Event Marketing!!

Which type of event would you rather be in charge of planning – one that’s got a well-executed event marketing strategy behind it or an event that you sit back and hope people will show up to on the big night?

Event marketing is a key component of any successful event. Charity balls, guest speakers, fundraising dinners, even events within events such as the mini events you see at a trade show – all rely on event marketing to draw a crowd. Without event marketing, your event won’t come anywhere near generating the results the client is expecting to see.

Town Decoration Scheme, Chudleigh, Devon – Chudleigh & District Amenity Society, Devon UK

Visitors to Chudleigh’s Town Hall can view a collection of ten watercolour illustrations on public display in the Rest Centre, depicting a proposed decoration scheme for houses and shop fronts in Fore Street, Chudleigh.

We do not have an accurate date for the illustrations, however, we believe that they were created in the mid 1970s on behalf of Chudleigh Amenity Society. They provide a delightful ‘snapshot’ of Chudleigh’s main street as it appeared over 40 years ago.

Handmade Garden Storage Company, Exeter, Devon

The Handmade Garden Storage Company lovingly handcrafts to order distinctive sheds, patio cabinets and other outdoor storage for discerning clients. The Regency Tool Store is a stunning addition to our range of sheds and outdoor storage. The swept contours of the roof and a covering of real lead lend it a distinctive style adding interest to any garden or courtyard. Finished to the highest standards, the Regency is solidly constructed from traditional materials ensuring it will continue to look good for many years.